Professional Photography Course

Lesson 6.5 Finding Clients and Pricing Photography

In Lesson 6.5, wrap up the final section of your course with a comprehensive overview of communicating with clients and pricing your photography.

Finding Photography Clients

Learn how to find clients in your area, then dive into a summary of what should take place during your first professional meetings. Learn how to calculate appropriate pricing by allocating costs into three general categories, then practice how to present these findings to your clients appropriately in correspondence with your pricing model.

What You'll Learn in the Clients and Pricing Photography Lesson

  • Browse professional advice on what to charge for photography
  • Practice networking and relationship building within the industry
  • Learn what to charge for commercial photography
  • Consider the pros and cons of running a studio
  • Determine what to charge for photography prints
  • Learn how to fit your personal brand into your hometown market
  • Explore what to charge for product photography

Take inventory of your photography equipment then learn how to insure your business’s gear accordingly. Learn what apportioning your expenses means in the business world and whether it’s a practice you should start incorporating in your workflow. Learn the importance of record keeping and the paperwork routines you should add to your everyday business routine. Finally, finish this info-packed lesson with a comprehensive self-check quiz.