Professional Photography Course

Unit 1: Professional Photography Equipment & Gear for Beginners

Unit 1 is all about photography equipment. You will start by learning what it means to see your surroundings through the eyes of a professional photographer. From there, you will learn NYIP’s Three Guidelines for taking great photographs- simple rules to follow every time you want to create a professional-looking image.

After that, you will browse several popular cameras available to photographers today as you determine which model best suits your workflow. Once you’ve mastered camera options, you will move on to a breakdown of lenses and filters. As you develop your unique photographic look, you will discover what gear is best-suited to achieving it.

Unit 1 Objectives

In Unit 1, we will focus on You and Your Equipment, including:
  • An introduction to seeing the world through the eyes of a professional photographer.
  • Three fundamentals to follow every time you want to make a great photograph.
  • An introduction to several popular types of cameras—all perfectly fine for your use in this Course, and each with its advantages and drawbacks.
  • A breakdown of the important lens and filters.
  • How you can begin to develop your own unique photographic "look," your visual signature.

When you complete the Unit, look into the Preview section for some Unit 1 bonus completion items—NYIP's way of saying "congratulations and good work!"—and a preview of Unit 2's content and bonus items.

Unit 1 Outline

Unit 1 Project Assignments

Shutter Speed Shutter Speed

Use shutter speed creatively to best capture your subject. Submit two photos, each of a moving subject.

Aperture Aperture

Control the aperture to create the desired depth of field, both shallow and great. Submit two photos of different subjects.