Professional Photography Course

Lesson 1.4 How to Use Your Camera

Your Camera Your Camera

In Lesson 1.4, you’ll learn how to use your camera by explore exploring every single camera function and how it can be used to create different looks. Expert photographer Patrick Donehue covers focus, control, depth of field, shutter speed, image quality, tripod use and camera care.

Patrick will discuss five problems many photographers face when they first start using a digital camera, and how those problems can be solved. After you learn these tricks, you’ll take a look through your viewfinder and start to compose.

What You’ll Learn in the How to Use Your Camera Lesson

  • Explore viewfinder systems
  • Learn DSLR camera settings
  • Discover how to focus a camera
  • Learn how autofocus works
  • Explore how to put a camera on a tripod
  • Control depth of field using 3 key techniques
  • Expand your portfolio with creative shutter speed exercises

How to Focus a Camera

After learning concepts like autofocus and distance scale, you can easily toggle settings, experiment with new techniques and get the most out of your digital camera.