Professional Photography Course

Lesson 2.1 Developing Your Eye & Compose a Photo

Compose a Photo Compose a Photo

Lesson 2.1 is all about how to compose a photo. Start identifying opportunities for powerful snapshots in the world around you as you develop your photographic eye. From distinguishing light quality to recognizing natural lines and colors, you will learn photography composition tips and techniques to help youto observe your surroundings more artistically.

Take the Three Guidelines discussed in Unit 1 and apply them creatively as you develop your compositional judgement. Listen as NYIP photography expert Britt Chudleigh explains how looking at art helps her compose better photographs. Complete hands-on creativity exercises in your own home as you apply Britt’s photo composition techniques to your workflow.

What You’ll Learn in the Capturing the Image Lesson

  • Explore concepts of placement, balance and asymmetry
  • Discover photography composition techniques
  • Learn nine techniques for emphasizing subjects
  • Explore ways to see creativity, design and color
  • Make decisions on cropping effectively

You will start making photos more consciously as you work your way through concepts like leading lines, repetition and motion. You will consider how your background elements harmonize with subjects in the foreground, and listen as NYIP Instructor Philip Mauro discusses the basics of a good composition. Finally, you will test your knowledge in a self-check quiz.