Professional Photography Course

Lesson 2.4 Workflow and Image Photo Editing – Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques Tips and Techniques

In Lesson 2.4, you will learn photo editing as you master the post-production process. Start by watching an NYIP Photo Snack about the art of image-editing. Compare photo editing software options and decide which is right for you. Practice backing up files, editing and adjusting, then filing and delivering proofs. Learn what it means to work in RAW versus JPEG, and what non-destructive editing means.

What You’ll Learn in the Workflow and Photo Editing Lesson

  • Compare Photoshop software options
  • Master the best professional photo editing tips
  • Learn to use Adjustment Layers
  • Watch photo editing tutorials
  • Discover Lightroom photo editing techniques
  • Explore common wedding photography editing workflow
  • Practice selecting final images from a series

Improve Your Photo Editing Workflow

By the end of this lesson you will develop a seamless photo editing workflow for your photography business. You will be able to upload images to your computer, edit them the way you like, then save them in organized archives. You will learn the importance of this routine and why it’s imperative to you and your clients.