Professional Photography Course

Lesson 2.2 Camera Image Capture

Image Capture Image Capture

Lesson 2.2 focuses on how an image is recordeda camera records an image digitally. Start by exploring some background information on how pictures are captured on film.

Evolution of Camera Capture Technology

From there you will examine the evolution of camera technology and its impact on our equipment today. You will watch an NYIP Photo Snack- a quick, information-packed video segment designed to make you think differently about picture-making. From memory cards to flash media, this lesson is a comprehensive guide to all things technology. You will master image quality and file formats, learn how to recover deleted images, and master an image download workflow

What You’ll Learn in the Camera Image Capture Lesson

  • Discover concepts of white balance, grain and noise
  • Explore how a camera captures an image
  • Learn how cameras “see” color
  • Practice adjusting color balance

Once you understand your camera’s inner workings, making the right adjustments will come as second nature. You will experiment with your camera’s preset modes, checking the color temperature and adjusting until you create the perfect look.