Professional Photography Course

Lesson 4.4 Child and Pet Photography Tips and Tricks

In Lesson 4.4, learn to work with some of your more unpredictable subjects- children and pets.

Child Photography Tips

Chat with noted child photographer Josef Schneider as he shares three secrets to his lifelong success in the industry. Head to work with professional photographer Clay Blackmore and watch as he shows you some of his favorite techniques for photographing young subjects.

What You'll Learn in the Child and Pet Photography Lesson

  • Breakdown best practices by age group
  • Browse pet photography tips
  • Learn to work with siblings and families
  • Discover pet photography lighting techniques
  • Explore school portrait photography

Pet Photography Tips

Watch a fun interview between NYIP mentor George Delgado and NYIP graduate, now pro pet photographer, Daniel Perez-Gomez. Learn tips for working with animals to capture both action shots and stills.