Professional Photography Course

Lesson 4.5 Wedding Photography Gear, Lighting and Shot List

In Lesson 4.5, explore wedding photography, one of the largest fields within the photography industry. Watch renowned wedding photographer Britt Chudleigh as she talks about what it’s like to work in the industry and why it’s so rewarding. Discover how techniques have changed throughout the transition from film to digital. Learn basic shot requests to expect from couples and how to best fulfill them.

What You'll Learn in the Wedding Photography Gear, Lighting and Shot List Lesson

  • Discover the best lighting for weddings
  • Learn to work on-the-go as a team player
  • Discuss how to use props in photography
  • Explore wedding photography exposure tips
  • Read wedding photo editing tips
  • List the essential day-of shots

Gear and Lighting for Wedding Photography

From capturing the romance of the ceremony to the excitement of the reception, walk through every step of a successful wedding-day shoot. Learn the most practical, effective equipment to pack for the job and how to use it to achieve the best album of work for your client. Finally, test your wedding photography knowledge with an end-of-lesson quiz. For more information about becoming a wedding photographer, check out NYIP’s Wedding Photography course